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About "Soprotivlenie"

Our international activities 2007

Our international activities 2008


Soprotivlenie organized a round table "Domestic violence and sexual abuse of children "at the Ministry of Interior and the photo exhibition against domestic violence and sexual abuse of children and women "Victim". The exhibition has been organized together with the German victim support organization "Weisser Ring" and supported by the Rotary Club Humboldt Moscow. The Russian Minister of Interior Mr. Nurgaliev took part at the discussion.

Mr. Boettcher - head of the organization "Weisser Ring" and his deputy Mrs. Van Huellen attended the opening of the exhibition.


Soprotivlenie participated at the meeting with Andrea Bottner - Senior Coordinator, State Department Office of International Women's Issues, which took place at the American Embassy in Moscow. The discussion was on the issue of violence against women/domestic abuse.

An annual meeting of the Victim Support Europe took place in Beograd (Serbia). Soprotivlenie became a member of the association.  Victim Support Europe is a network of 22 non-governmental victim support organizations which provide assistance and information to victims of crime. Victim Support Europe promotes the establishment and development of victim rights and victim services throughout Europe.


The Commissioner on Human Rights in Russian Federation Mr. Lukin published a report about victim's rights in Russia. This report was written together with the experts of Soprotivlenie.

One week later Mr. Lukin met the president of Russian Federation Mr. Medvedev, where they talked about the victims of crime' issue. In other words, we reached a very high level of our government to attract their attention to the victims of crime and their rights in RF.

Psychologists of our organization worked in camps of refugees in South Ossetia rendering the psychological help to victims - especially children, their parents and old people.


4. 09 - Soprotivlenie organized an open-air photo exhibition "Victim" in the center of Moscow. The aim of the event was to raise awareness of problems domestic violence, child abuse and victims of war.

On the 30.September - 1st October 2008 in Moscow took place our first interregional Forum for victim rights "Civil society and law enforcement agencies for rights of crime victims"

The Forum was organized by the ngo "Soprotivlenie" and brought together the regional non governmental organizations, law enforcement forces, the legislative and judicial representatives.

At our forum participated international experts from Slovakia Mrs. Jana Šípošová ( Victim Support Slovakia), Mrs. Suzi Kvas ( JZ Socio,Republic of Slovenia), Mrs. Marjeta Feraln Istinič (Minisry of labor family and social affairs of Republic of Slovenia) , Mr. Terry Kinney a legal advisor U.S. department of Justice, experts from Ukraina and others.

The aims of the forum was to consolidate public organizations and law enforcement forces in order to build effective mechanisms of the victim support, to raise awareness of the new challenges and opportunities in fighting violence and to help share best practices across different sectors.  We believe that one of the results of the forum will be a creation of a Russian network of victim support organizations.

- At the Forum we presented a book "Criminal violence against women and children: international standards of combating crimes", which we worked on together with Mr. Vladimir Ovchinsky the senior lawyer of Russia , a doctor of jurisprudence, an adviser of the Chairman of the Constitutional Court. The book includes main international legal documents and the international research on problems of criminal violence against women and children.


Ngo Soprotivlenie attended the 2nd International Conference "Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online", which took place in Warsaw, in September, 18th-19th, 2008.

The conference was organized by the Nobody's Children Foundation and the Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK) within European Commission's Safer Internet Program.

Together with our partner the Regional Public Organization for Internet-Technologies (ROCIT Soprotivlenie work on the National Internet Safety Node http://www.saferunet.ru/en/

Our mission is to promote Internet development, Internet safety in Russia , combat  child pornography and keep children and young people safe online.


11 November -  a meeting with Mr. Andrew Oosterbaan,  the head of the United States Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity section.

Mr. Oosterbaan is an expert on legislation and  investigative issues that arise in child pornography cases, and has been involved in drafting international conventions and effective child pornography legislation for the better part of the last decade. 

12 - 15 November

Participation at the conference on the Problems of human trafficking and sex violence against women and children in Russia at the Russian Parliament (Duma)

15 November

The second ceremony of the annual award ‘Vybor' (Choice) for civil courage in resisting the crime. The award was established by Soprotivlenie movement and NTV TV-company in 2007. The purpose of founding the award is to draw public attention to the problem of fighting against criminality and to express the public gratitude to all those Russian citizens that were brave enough to resist the crime.

Every Monday a Radio program « The Right for Protection»

Since October 2007 «Soprotivlenie» human rights movement and «Radio Rossii» launched a joint radio project- a one-hour program called «The Right for Protection». It is a live program devoted to the social and legal protection. The program prompts all those who found themselves in hard life circumstances what to do and where to go in each particular case. The program invites professional lawyers, psychologists, representatives of the law-enforcement bodies, judicial, legislative and executive branches of power as well as public personalities.

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